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When I sat down to pen my first blog in a long time, that wasn’t podcast related, I picked up my notebook and on the front was ‘Born to Sparkle’.

I wondered what I was going to write, what would be a good topic for my return to writing, well, there it was staring me in the face … Born to Sparkle.

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It takes time!

If you have tuned into our podcasts you will know myself and Christina have been doing a lot of self care work, mindfulness and for me a lot of confidence building and self discovery.

The one thing I have noticed in all the work I have done is the underlying message that you are not what people say or think you are.  Listen to Episode 52 of the podcast for more on this.

I think this has always been my problem, I have listened to and taken on board other people’s opinions of me. I have allowed those voices to shape my own idea of who I am, stifling the true nature of who I really am.

One of the best statements I have read and one that Christina swears by is:

‘Other people’s opinion of you is none of your business’

Once you begin to believe this, everything changes, trust me!

I’ve done a lot of soul searching over the last year and I am still very much a long working progress, but where I am now is a lot further along the road to that mental freedoms from other people’s idea of what I should be.

So What Now?

One of the works in progress is my image transformation.  I have always loved vintage style and have dabbled in some steak changes over the years, but now I have decided to make a full transition into vintage style.

In doing so I have now discovered the most amazing vintage community on Instagram who have also fully immersed themselves in a vintage lifestyle.

I have also discovered a community of women who are also willing to share their own stories behind the beautiful images, their own insecurities, their own battles with other people’s opinions of them. It is both inspiring and comforting.

I now feel truly blessed that I have found another community as supportive and wonderful as the keto community is, and the more these communities grow I hope the negativity disappears and we can all find our place to sparkle.

Have you found what makes you sparkle?

keto brenda selfie in 1950s dress
And yes, I am still very awkward taking selfies!!

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