In Episode 54 of our podcast we talk about not sweating the little stuff and worrying about things that are beyond your control or things that may never happen, like a zombie apocalypse. So I thought I would share a short story, that we didn’t talk about on the podcast.

In Ireland you fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to the weather, every day!  If you follow me on Instagram then you will know how quickly the weather can change, often leading to some poor wardrobe choices. 

It is also impossible to plan anything in advance and bbqs are very much impromptu gatherings with scrambles to the supermarket for food and beverages when the sun appears.

Don’t stress over what you can’t control

When myself and the hubby were getting married we decided to keep things simple.  We booked the registrar’s office and decided to have the party in our garden. 

Now given what I just said above we pretty much took our chances and hopped for the best.  The Irish are eternal optimist when it comes to the weather!

It was late August.  We decided to buy a small marquee type tent on the off chance we got a bit of rain.  Everyone arrived the day before to help set things up. Us ladies spent several hours trimming hedges and using the trimmings to decorate said marquee.

Right on cue that evening a light drizzle of rain descended, we were fine with this, but little did we know that this was to escalate spectacularly overnight into a full blown storm.

We awoke the morning of the wedding only to find the tent in a sorry state, beyond saving with twisted and broken poles.

Now this could have gone two ways, we could have let it upset us and ruin the day or we could laugh and just get on with it, sure what could we do now anyway!

We laughed, both in our dressing gowns and wellies, we scooped up the tent, opened the shed door, shoved the pile of wreckage inside and locked the door. We went inside and did what all good Irish people do in a drama, we made tea.

As it turned out, the weather cleared and we had the most wonderful day surrounded by family and friends and that’s all that mattered!

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