I’ve set out below the 5 quotes from the article we discussed on Episode 52 of the podcast so you can take them and spend some time reflecting if this topic resonated with you. The article appeared in Psychology magazine.

If you are constantly absorbing other people’s voices it’s likely you haven’t stopped yo listen to your own.  A better relationship with yourself can be cultivated – spend time alone and think about what you enjoy, what you think and what matters to you.

It’s likely that at an early age you learned other people’s opinions mattered more than your own.  It might be that you weren’t encouraged to have your own opinions, or that you found that paying attention to everyone else felt safer.  What do you wish a grown-up had said to you?  Now that you are the adult, you can offer this advice to yourself.

Try to separate caring for other people from caring what they think.  You can love, like, respect, tolerate and listen to others without letting their views run your life.

We create suffering when we believe being different is wrong or bad.  It’s ok to have views, preferences, ideas, opinions and desires that vary from those of others.  Look for evidence of this.

So many of us lurk – in meetings or social groups.  We keep ourselves inoffensive and small so no-one thinks negatively about us.  Be brave and find safe, doable ways to find your flag, your people will find you!

I particularly resonated with the last one, have a listen to the podcast and hear why.

But I love that “your people will find you!”

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